Blackrock AC - Speed Sessions and Track Test Challenge

Want to take your running to the next level?? So far most of us have made huge gains as we went from non-runners starting off at slow short run-walk sessions in Couch25K to now being strong regular runners doing 5K, 10K and even some doing half-marathons with our PBs being massive jumps from where we were starting off as we improved our fitness levels from zero. Eeking out the next gains in our PBs takes more than doing the same old 5k/10k/15k training runs a few times a week. To be the best that you can be from here means adding speed/interval training to your weekly schedule. If you've been hovering just above the sub-60min, sub-55min or sub-50 etc for your 10k and no matter how much you run you just can't get over that barrier then regular weekly speed/interval sessions will help blast you past that barrier and beyond. Don't get me wrong this is not a magic silver bullet with an instant fix to get you suddenly faster but if you put in the weekly effort you will gradually get way beyond any times you might achieve sticking to your old training routine.
Also adding a bit of interval/speed sessions will shift that bit of stubborn weight that you'll never shift on your normal paced training runs.

OK so what's the plan I hear you ask?

This is not going to be a short term challenge but rather an ongoing challenge which will continue over the winter and into the start of the 2015 race season.
The training will consist of speed sessions Monday evening 8:00pm-8:45pm at the DKIT football fields with everyone having done their warmup there beforehand (7:45pm-8:00pm) or by jogging there if you prefer. In advance I will consult with each individual and identify what their individual session goals/objectives should be i.e. what pace you should be running for the intervals based on your current average per km race pace.
I will also work with people on a training plan for the rest of the week based on their level and goals.
Every 4 weeks/month I will organise a track 3k or 5k time trial at the Bush running track (probably a Sunday evening) where we can get a regular analysis and review of our progress.

Obviously there is a cost to getting a slot at the bush track and I will be asking everyone who wants to do the challenge to commit to paying €15 to cover the track costs for the next 5 months and assumes a minimum of 20 people sign up. Should there be any surplus funds at the end of the 5 months they can be donated to a worthy charity. At the end of the year we can look to continue the challenge into 2015.

I hope you think this would be of benefit to your running goals and sign up.