If you just arrived or are about to leave, if you brought too much stuff from your country and want to sell it, if you want to change decoration but don't want to spend too much, if you prefer to buy and sell from the comfort of your house... this is your group.

Welcome to all Expats, Filipino partners of bonafide expats and Local vendors of quality items.

> Whoever put SOLD first will get the item. Picked up/Claim should be done within 48 HOURS or agreed schedule. If the 1st buyer failed, item sold to the next in line and so on.

Kindly delete your post once item has been picked-up.

> Sale should be visible in the thread, once sold, please use PM (private message) for pick-up details such as address, mobile number and further conversation. Do not comment on individual photos to avoid conflict.

Please do not comment if the product does not interest you. If you got concern, please send PM to Admin.

> Clone phones, replica and class A items are not allowed in this page.

> Be Kind, Be Courteous, Be Nice, Be Respectful.

> Business post is allowed every WEDNESDAYs only and should be deleted on Saturdays.

> When posting, please indicate condition, price and pick up location. Using "Bump or Up" in the post is allowed but only ONCE.
Non-compliance post will be deleted.

> Please donate to charities if you find your items "not ideal for selling and for others to use". BE CONSIDERATE.

> For sellers, Manila Expat Market does not allowed overpricing. Brand new items must be competitive or lower than the market price.

> No animal selling on this site, allowing only pet adoptions.

> Members post not in compliance and Members who doesn't follow the guidelines can be removed at any time.

> These guidelines will be updated as necessary and may change at any time.

> If you think a post does not conform to the guidelines, is offensive or inappropriate in any way, please PM and/or tag the Admin.

> This is Manila Expat Market, all conversation should be in English, please.

Racism is not tolerated in this group. Feel free to add your friends.


Admin (Marisa Garcia Guisado, Gail Ingram)