Milford-Hopedale MA Yard Sale (Baby and Children Items)

Please read some basic rules and guidelines before participating…and happy selling and buying!
Items to be posted…free, for sale or for trade and of course yard sales.
Note: Do not post business advertisements.
Note: If you are ISO items - try using the search (magnify glass) in the right corner of the FB page before posting your ISO
Note: If we can't see anything on your profile that indicated where you live, you will not be added to the group.
Basic selling/buying rules:
1) State the location of your item
2) Make sure your ad has description and including price.
3) Do not post multiple pictures of an item to keep it from becoming confusing.
4) If someone asks a question about your item consider that person interested.
5) Give the person 8 hours to respond before moving to the next person.
6) Tagging someone in a post does not hold it for that person.
7) If there is no interest in your item, in 24 hours you may “Bump” your item by putting the word “Bump” in the comment area of your item. Which in turn brings your item up on the page for viewing.
8) There are NO returns except at the discretion of the seller.
9) Be a polite bargainer, please do not be pushy or be rude!
10) No pet postings unless it's a local lost pet in the hopes of reconnecting with it's owner.
and lastly - Please put PPU (Pending Pick up) in the comment box of your item. Once an item is sold you MUST delete/remove immediately.

The administrators (who are volunteering so that we may all enjoy this site) have the right to remove anyone at anytime for any reason. Also we may politely remind sellers to remove their posts and ask a seller if they have to sold an item in order to create a more streamlined shopping experience.

After one month posts are considered stale and we ask that you remove and re-post, and if you have changed your price correct it in the title rather than as a comment again to have a better chance for a sale.

As always if there is any "shady behavior" noticed please immediately flag it. Thank you.