Atkins Diet (Old School) 2002 Version

*Please Read First*
Welcome!!! We are glad to have you here!! It is my personal promise to you, that in this group you will be treated with respect! In this group we follow DANDR (Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, 2002) The book written by Dr. Atkins himself. Not to be confused with NANY (New Atkins New You) or any of the other numerous books which were written after Dr. Atkins death. We do not advocate the use of any Atkins products. We have found the use of Atkins products to cause cravings, stalls, gastric upset and ultimate failure. The downloadable version of the book is located at the top of the page in files for your convenience. Just as Dr. Atkins did not, this group does not support "planned cheat days".

If you are overweight, there's good chance that you have a problem with blood sugar and insulin levels. Insulin is a fat producing hormone. By restricting the foods that stimulate excessive insulin release, you will lose weight. The Atkins diet does exactly this, reduces excessive insulin! The Atkins diet is a diet that can reverse hypertension, controls diabetes, end that dreaded afternoon fatigue, and help with many other medical conditions. On the Atkins Diet, the body switches from using glucose as its main source of fuel to almost entirely fatty acids for energy. Therefore, you burn fat instead of carbohydrates on a low carb diet, and lose weight. By reducing your intake of carbohydrates, you will enter a metabolic process called ketosis, which means you are burning fat.

One of the best things about the Atkins Diet is that YOU WILL NOT FEEL HUNGRY!!. That's right! You will eat without calorie counting. Many people believe that the Atkins diet is a meat only diet. This is untrue. On Atkins you will be eating many vegetables too. Some people think that Atkins is a "No-Carb" Diet when in fact, it's a "Low-Carb" Diet.

If you are ready to begin the Atkins diet, PLEASE READ THE BOOK and please make sure it's Dr. Atkins 2002 version and NOT the new Atkins which adds mostly Atkins products and goes against all that Dr. Atkins believed in. The Atkins book will help to explain the whole Atkins principle. There is a lot of information on this page to help you as well. The Atkins diet has four phases. The first phase is called the Induction Phase, which is the first two weeks of the diet. During the induction phase, a person is required to stay at 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. ASK QUESTIONS!! That is why we are all here! GOOD LUCK!!!