Enfield United Community Cricket Club

The Enfield Methodist/Uniting Church Cricket Club (now Enfield United Community Cricket Club) story; emblem - an Enfield (a mythical beast, head of fox, talons of eagle, body of wolf); colours - maroon and gold; motto/war cry - Lord of Hosts!

The second Methodist Church at Enfield, located on the northern corner of Park Street and (now Main) North Road, Enfield (now Sefton) Park, was opened in September 1886, and is still in use. Men in the surrounding largely rural district had been playing cricket there from at least as early as the 1890s. In September 1928 the young men of the Church got together and formed their own club. The club initially appears to have comprised an amalgamation of a youth team which may previously have been connected with a YMCA competition, and the older men who made up the A team. Among founding members were Robin and William Turner, 2 of 11 sons of a local blacksmith. Three generations of this family have been involved with the club from foundation to the present day.

Among the earliest preoccupations in the first season was the clearing and preparation of vacant blocks of land, owned by a Mr Threadgold, for a cricket pitch and ground. Mr Threadgold also allowed the club the use of his adjacent house for some of their activities. This ground was located in the vicinity of Collins Street, Enfield. Among other important concerns were who would lead and do the work, the fee structure and sanctions to be applied to those who didn