Frome Freebies

This site will be for free stuff only! Sellers to give to whoever they draw out, whether name in a hat, number generator, partners choice, children's choice, but this will not be a first come first served basis and all posts must be left up for an hour at least before any draw takes place! If you do give away on first come first served basis you will be removed from this site without warning! If you are seen to be selling any of the free items you receive on to any other sites you will be deleted and banned from this site! All donations and collections of goods are between the seller and collector admin will not be held responsible! If you arrange for collection please could you communicate with the donator within 24 hours to arrange collection , please liaise with them times and dates of collections, if you are unable to collect or no longer want the item please have the courtesy to let them know as we all have busy lives.
No animals to be advertised, no illegal substances and no advertising of profit making events or businesses
Do not ask to be considered on behalf of someone else, if the person wants it tey must ask to be considered I.e please can john smith be considered" they nee to comment theirselves!
Advertiser to agree the person who receives item within 24 hours.

All posts with reasons as to why you should win, or any guilt trip posts will be removed!

Apart from this! Happy freebeing people!