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EUROPEAN GRADE UPVC WINDOWS & DOORS IN THAILAND UPVC windows and doors are now a major marketing tool for developers or home owners in Thailand to make a more fast and efficient property sale with them being more attractive, energy efficient and secure. Until recently only aluminum and timber windows and doors have been used in Thai properties because access to the latest more modern UPVC has been hard to come by in Thailand with very few suppliers un-like Europe and USA. Project Supplies Direct is a British limited company that manufactures and installs European grade UPVC single and double glazed windows and doors here inThailand. We install a variety of products to any kind of up-coming developments, commercial or residential. We also install and refurbish to older properties in need of a make-over. For a free trade enquiry and quotation call Paul Slack +66-870572784 or simply email and Ill respond to your interest. Email: [email protected]