10 day celebrity diet/ I lost 11.5 lbs in 10 days

This diet is not for the fainte of heart, it is challenging for the first few days, no caffine, no sugar. This is a clense that provides all the nutrients needed to maintain good health while ridding your body of toxins. Your food is 3 shakes a day not very tastey, fruit and vegtables are your fillers between meals. I did very well but did it with my son who kept me motivated.(i'm not big on dieting) I stayed away from sugar for several weeks then one day I had just a little and that nenemis retook charge of my sugar brain, I for the most part do not drink coffee daily anymore. I have not gained back any weight but would like to do the diet again. I think I would exchange the water in my shake for juice once a day. I need to do it with someone, still interested....let me kno..It seems there are four people who'd like info,,love to have you to the house for tasting, and Q&A