Bangladeshi Facebook Wrestling Entertainment (BFWE)

¤Best for business¤
the rules of the group for "attitude era"

1. Match card only create by the admin. not out side of admin
2. If anyone want to be an admin,he has to be ask the owner or c.o.o.
3. any member can not use any slang against any other member.
4. There are no cheating. if you proof that you affected by any cheating. cheater will be banned from this group by admin.
5. If you want championship match first you have to ask general manager.
6. You can't write any statement like "add me".
7. You can't use the sortest type of slang against a wrestler.

enjoy the group. the group is not for the authority the group is for yours.

Don't try this at home,school or anywhere.
-by the c.o.o.