Amy Craven's Facebook Jamberry Party!

Welcome to Amy Craven's ONLINE only Jamberry Nails party! Join us over the next few days as we take a look at Jamberry and play a few games for a chance to win!
Jamberry Nail Shields are:
*design sheets that are applied to your natural or acrylic nails
*lasts up to 2 weeks on fingers, 6 weeks on toes
*bonded and removed easily with heat without damaging your nails
*200+ unique options for adults, teens, or children
*Each nail sheet will provide multiple uses – 2-3 manicures, 3-4 pedicures, or some of each
*Jamberry Juniors provide 4-6 uses for kids
*Made in the USA and shipped to any US state
*Free of GMOs, animal cruelty, non toxic, vegan