I greet you! I am sure it should now be clear to all discerning people that my consistent position here that Dan Onjeh was always a spoiler and never intended to contest for the Benue Zone C Senatorial seat has been vindicated. Not only is he not campaigning anywhere, he appears to have surrendered to the incumbent PDP candidate, even before the commencement of the contest! To ensure that the fraud of the trio of David Mark, Dan Onjeh and George Akume is short lived, I have reflected on the current situation very calmly, and after seeking strategic advice at the highest possible levels of our party and other well informed persons who wish us well as a people, I have taken the solemn decision to continue my quest to represent our people in rhe Senate come February 14th 2015. This is to ensure that David Mark does not get the soft landing he hoped for when he contrived the fraudulent sell out of our people's mandate and our genuine craving for positive change in 2015 and beyond! In view of this decision, I shall be rolling out the big drums and kick starting my Senatorial campaigns in the next couple of days and sustaining the campaigns until we achieve Victory at the polls on February 14th 2015. The objective is to ensure that APC wins the polls. In line with well established legal authorities right up to the Supreme Court, at the conclusion of my legal challenge to the fraudulent process of impunity which produced Dan Onjeh as a contestant in this election, I will be inaugurated as Senator for Benue South Senatorial District in June 2015. I count on your continued support, encouragement and prayers in the exciting days that lie ahead, in the confidence that, never again will a Tiv man, like George Akume, belittle the Idoma nation in this manner. It will also teach fraudsters and so called political gladiators that impunity does not pay, and that any wrong doing, if courageously challenged, cannot stand! The struggle has only just begun, and I can see the end from.the beginning: Victory is certain, as good always triumphs over evil, no matter how long it takes! Best wishes always,
Chief Madaki Omadachi Ameh
APC Senatorial Candidate,
Benue South Senatorial District, Zone C.