Huuge Overnight House Party... Save This Date Sept 27th

Hello everyone!!!

Tom and I will be having a huge house party on September 27th, just because, and we want all of you to attend. We have .....

• live AMAZING music by Sean Cotton from 7-11
• projector to play movies outside
• camp fire
• swimming (if warm enough)
• Hottub
• nerf gun fight for the kids or all who want to
• volleyball/ basketball/soccer/badminton for who ever
• girls want to play man hunt in the dark (aka hide and seek in the forest)
• and lots more fun

The party will officially start from 3-4pm but all are welcome earlier. It will end after breakfast Sunday morning. My vision is to see a sea of tents outside by the fire just enjoying!! We will be renting an outhouse as we are on septic and can't handle the load lol. We also thought it might be nice to have some fireworks as well however, there is a catch to it. We are asking each family/couple to bring the following...

1 firework to light off
A dish/app of food to share with the group
Lawn chairs
Your own camping gear
Nerf guns
Musical instrument if you play one (guitar etc... You might want to join Sean)
If you will be drinking... BYOB

Obviously we want this party to be family friendly so yes bring your children but please watch them as well. There will be lots for them to do.

If it is raining by chance... I have no back up plan lol so if anyone owns a tent or a trap, bring it.

Clear as mud... Let's have some fun and if you have any questions let me know. Please RSVP with your numbers and if you will be staying the night, as we (meaning I) are trying to also figure out how many and if we should roast a pig or not.

Hope to hear from you soon.

The Vanderkolk's