REMINDER: For all new/existing members here please take time to read this section to avoid any problems later on. Thank you and welcome to this group!

This group has been created to bridge HR professionals and Job Seekers alike. It is in my firm belief that Job Postings should be free.

This also serves as an advocacy for me in helping individuals find great job opportunities. I don't receive any form of compensation for this group. I also don't accept any offers for paid advertisements on this group.

Things that you may post on this group:

1. Job Vacancies/Openings including internships/OJTs (Jobs Abroad will no longer be allowed to be posted)
2. Career related advice (e.g. articles)
3. Job/Career Fair Announcements
4. Questions pertaining to Employment (legal)

Post deemed as not related to the above will be automatically removed and user banned from this group especially NETWORKING/SELLING, offering services(e.g. paid training/seminars), asking people to like their pictures, asking for textmates and those that are trying to recruit members to their existing/newly formed FB group

I don't owe anyone any explanation if I block and remove anyone from the group or won't accept their member request.

Private Messages to me or comments to my pinned post will not be entertained.

Feel free to invite everyone that you know of to join our group.

Personal opinions pertaining to employment in general are highly welcomed but please always RESPECT others. Bashing and other related behaviors will not be tolerated.

Please report any violators

General Reminders to Job Seekers:

1. Due Diligence. Always verify if the company is legitimate/legal or not. Companies should not be charging you any fee for the recruitment process, majority of companies now shoulder the pre-employment medical exam. You can check in google or ask members of the group for additional information about the company. This is for your protection, better to be safe than sorry.

2. Don't lose hope. Despite all the different companies you have applied for and still you can't land a job, just always remember that patience and perseverance pays off. We all have been there, myself including so never give up!

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