Westerville Education Challenge

What is Westerville Education Challenge? Westerville Education Challenge was established on August 6, 2009. A group of parents and community members sought to raise private support for public education in Westerville City Schools.

The initial desire was to provide funding and a long term financial solution for a program called Challenge Day. Challenge Day is a program that teaches students and community mentors about diversity and acceptance. Challenge Day is offered to all high school freshman (1000 students) at our 3 high schools in Westerville City Schools. The first annual fundraiser was held October 3, 2009.

The first event was Boots N BBQ at the Barn. Fundraising efforts included an admission fee for dinner, silent auction, and a live auction. Dr. Dan Good (Superintendent of Westerville City Schools) and Anne Gonzales (Mayor of Westerville) were the live auctioneers. We also had raffle prizes.

Westerville Education Challenge plans to hold an annual dinner/dance to continue to raise financial support that will reward teachers and the school district by funding creative and innovative projects that enrich curricular and extra-curricular activities and directly enhance educational opportunities for a significant number of students in Westerville.