Bachelor Party - not starring Tom Hanks

In the ashes that is Ohio State's horrible defense comes the two night premier of The Bachelor. In the past The Doop has hosted general watching parties, but I think we can do better: I propose that we put some money down at the beginning of Monday night (after we get to know the girls on a superficial level). I'm thinking $5 a contestant and you can bet on up to 4 girls. Winner(s) take all, with no second place. If more than one person bets on the winning girl then the pot is split. If no one wins, the pot will go to the whoever had the last girl to be voted off. I'm totally up for side bets but I'm not going to organize those. So bring your wine/beer and possibly, for some of us, that picture of Jesse Ventura reminding you that you still have some masculine characteristics to be proud of. Feel free to invite whoever!