Is Black History

Starting in October 2014 and running through to 2015, listen out for programmes on Ujima Radio, BCFM and other stations from the Is Black History collection.

What does it mean to be Black these days?..Is there such a thing as a Black Community?...

It’s almost 50 years since the first Race Relations Act in the UK, when Bristol played its part in that story. Three generations later we bring together the voices across three generations - young people to elders and across cultures, to share perspectives on ‘race’ and identity : what effect these have our lives today. We discover how history and role models affect aspiration and ask if your ethnicity still presents a real challenge to self-actualisation in today’s Britain.

With new generations of Britons, with new outlooks on a smaller world, has we reached a post-race state?

Almost 50 years since the first Race Relations Act in the UK, a lot has changed in three generations. Political correctness is well observed yet racism has not gone away but where is it hiding? Be a part of the conversation through community media and creative activities in communities, social centres and schools that allow us to explore tricky questions about the impact of ‘black’ on history, identities, opportunities and aspiration.

Is Black still relevant or is religion the new battleground for prejudice?

To mark the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Race Relations Act, in 2015 we will encourage debate amongst big-picture thinkers, political and social activists, historians and creative artists and no-nonsense community voices to conduct a city conversation across radio, online, social media and live events. A big city debate will bring the most pressing themes and interesting conversations together and see how much communities and city leaders are in tune with each other and with 'the race factor' in today’s society.