One Hundred Faces

This is an open group for anyone who wants to paint along or anyone who is interested in watching us paint along.

The goal is to show up at the art desk and paint one face each day (or so ;0).

The original inspiration for this group was from a group of my former students who just wanted to paint together. Then we decided to start by studying Modigliani. Who knows where we will end up.

I don't mean to be teaching but you know I can't keep my thoughts about what I'm doing to myself. So, I will be sharing all I got.

It is my hope that you will share your faces along with your thoughts too.

I started an album, "SHARON'S 100 FACES" for my photos and maybe when you add a photo you can start another album.

This group is for FUN!

This group is for ANYONE and ANYONE can invite and add people.