Residual Income Streams

Legitimate Viable Income Opportunities providing Residual Income Streams. Also supporting products and services and tips and encouragement to entrepreneurs whose business offerings provide residual income to its recruits. Please see the admin's "pinned posting" for details about the scope of the theme of this group, and the etiquette and rules for posting, in addition to the following warnings:

Message from the Group Admin:

Anyone requesting to join this group will be denied if their Facebook Profile Pictures, Timeline Pictures, Cover Pictures, or Album Pictures, or Group Postings are offensive (sexually provocative or immodest, racist, or advocating antisocial behavior, or otherwise distasteful or shocking to the sensibilities of serious-minded customer-oriented business people). Anyone who is already a member and then adds pictures or content which fall within the above-mentioned categories in the opinion of the group admin, will be removed from the group.
Also, if you post an internet link in this group which leads to a page or website which falls within the above-mentioned categories, your membership in the group will be revoked.

Fair enough?

Also, If you see something in this group which seems to fit the above category, I may have missed it. Just drop me a message and I will investigate it.
Help me preserve intended nature of this Facebook Group.
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