Aspen's Grace, Inc. (Will be legal non-profit corp. by end of 2011)

For Aspen “Grace” Brown
My heart is broken having lost you, but I am forever changed having known you. It was in meeting you that I found my faith again. In your spirit I rediscovered the God I thought I knew for all these years; a truly holy and benevolent God, full of compassion and mercy and, of course, grace. I can never forget the first time I met you. When I held you for the first time I was immediately captivated by those big beautiful eyes. I was hooked. It was your eyes that cried out to me; not in pain from this disease that stole you from us, but they cried out peace and purest love. Your gaze was so intense it seemed to pierce my inner-most being, looking past simply what is, capturing all that I dreamed and hoped for, inspiring all that I am to become. I never found myself sad when I was holding you. For who could pity a soul that exuded such joy and Love? In your smile was warmth that lingers in my soul even now and in your laughter I find strength to face even the darkest of life’s trials. I will cherish each memory forever. I carry you in my heart always. Rest in peace Sweet Angel.