Oaklyn Family News

This page is for Oaklyn residents to come together and share about happenings in our little town. There is so much going on if you are "in the know", and here's hoping we all can be! We already have great events, such as those put on by the PTA and OMAYSC, the summer camps and swim club, the Halloween and fourth of July parades, the town picnic, fire hall pancake breakfast, little leagues, etc. , etc. Please use this as a venue to post events, share news and info, brainstorm ideas and come together as the great community we are. If we know what is happening we can be there!!!!!! Feel free to add interested people. The mission is to help Oaklyn be the most vibrant, fun, family-friendly, happening place it can be.

ADDED Nov. 2012
In other words
Please refrain from: inciting, insulting, antagonizing, belittling, sniveling, gossiping, and cavetching. If you need to do these things, I am sure there are plenty of other sites on which to do it – or create your own. Let’s keep OFN in the spirit in which it was intended, as a resource for our residents and a venue for community growth.