Learn English Vocabulary with us.

Welcome to our group !! Please follow our rules:
1. Use English only.
1a. Use a legible name. (members and admins must be able to read your name.) PLEASE provide a nickname that can be read by all members!
2. No racial, political, or religious comments.and no sexual words or photos.
3. Do not advertise products, Pages or other groups!!
*** If you advertise other groups and/or pages you will be removed and banned!.

4. Be courteous to all members.. Rude comments will not be tolerated; you'll be removed and banned from the group.

5. Participate, ask questions, and be active.
Our goal is to have a supportive and friendly learning environment.

At last you are welcome and this is your group .Make yourselves at home

This group is for you ,me and all .share us to get to our goals .Learn English with everyday wall charts,photos, words, Tip, proverbs, stories and videos.with our pleasure

Mr Taher Ghazala
Mrs. Nahla sherif