Consciousness Co-Creators

You can see how the world can change for the better and know deep down that you are a part of that change.

Your life purpose involves sharing your experience, learning and creative gifts to help others.

You are idealistic, reciprocal and well meaning.

You often don't feel understood or appreciated.

You have been called to a meaningful life through many life challenges, trauma and struggle.

You love nature, animals and seek to live in an ethical, sustainable way.

You are interested to learn more about spiritual truths, ancient wisdom traditions and self-realisation.

You are ready to take responsibility for your own spiritual growth and personal development.

You would like to contribute to and be a part of building a conscious community of like-minded and thoughtful spiritual seekers who want to give back to the world, help and support one another.

If this all sounds like you, this group is for you.

If you would like to join in-person events you might like to become a member of the Meetup group Consciousness Co-creators: