The Novice Cake Decorator

The Novice Cake Decorator is primarily geared towards new cake decorators who want to learn and to improve on their cake decorating skills, Please feel free to ask questions about techniques, tools, materials, and business questions and post your work. We welcome both intermediate and experienced cake decorators to offer their expertise.
No matter how trivial the question may seem, someone may also have the same question. For those with intermediate to advanced skills, please be gentle when answering questions/offering advise. We ask that everyone support the other 100%. Kindly note, that DISRESPECTFUL, SARCASTIC and CONDESCENDING commenting will not be tolerated in this group. Our main goal is to promote an AMICABLE atmosphere within this group. Our intention is to make all members feel free, no intimidation! As admins we cannot always monitor all activities, please report anything that violates the group rules below.

Kindly note the following
• No selling/advertisement (links or pages posted). Pastry schools or businesses that sell products may contact an admin concerning advertising your business for 24 hours only!
• You can only post a photo of your cake if you agree to receive feedback. This group is for LEARNING and constructive criticism is important for growing. You don't have to take the opinions given but by posting you agree to at least be open. Please avoid self-pity posts and avoid comparing yourself to others. Your talents are unique. EVERYONE LEARNS DIFFERENTLY, KEEP PRACTICING.
• No pricing questions please.
• Please do not post "F" in the comments to "follow" we are trying to encourage thoughtful interaction.
• We have periodic “PAGE SHARE DAYS” please wait to post your page during that time.