916 phone, tablet and gadgets

This is a group for the sale and purchase of phones and related tech and gadgetry. If you're found trying to rip people off or charge more than new prices (except rare or hard to get items) the post will be removed. Be respectful and don't get off topic. You will be removed.
-Blocking admins will not be tolerated. We need to be able to comments and communicate with our members to enforce rules and keep things running smoothly.
-Please..delete all your old posting after sales been made so that others can see the new posts.(if u do not know how to delete, TAG one of the Admin on your post.."delete"..)
-Please post up sales price instead of "make a offer"..put a price and put "OBO" for a estimate of what you want.
-Please respect others on what they post, if you do not like their post, move on
-No rude comments
If you are found to be dealing in stolen merchandise or being fraudulent you will be screen capped, banned, and reported to the authorities. This group is not here to help you peddle stolen kids ipods. Take that to a no rules page.