30 days of 30 minutes of exercise!!!!!

Here is the Challenge:
30 straight days of 30 minutes of exercise per day (at least!) The 30 minutes need to be 30 minutes straight! It can be any activity you choose! Here is some examples: hiking, going for a run, spin class, going for a swim, AMRAP for 30 minutes, circuit training, interval sprints for 30 minutes, going for a walk, etc! Any sort of activity you wish :)
Once you have completed your 30 minutes, post what you have done on here (either by picture or simply by writing!) We are holding each other accountable here in this group!!! Plus it will give other people ideas for what they can do for their 30 minutes!!!
Invite your friends and family to join in!
The fun will begin on Sunday, October 19th and will last for 30 days..which means our last day of the challenge will be Tuesday, November 18th!!