Ariana Grande Philippines

Official Group for Ariana Grande Philippines Street Group.
Main Group: Filipino Arianators
1. No harsh words.
2. Be friendly.
3. This is an Arianator group, any topic that doesn't have any connection with Ariana Grande will be considered off-topic. (OT)
4. No promotions unless it's Ariana Grande- related.
5. No posting of sexual sights because (1) minor members and (2) this is a fan group.
6. We acknowledge fans from other countries.
7. Fan Group Chats are acknowledge.
8. Any conflict about posts should be reported immediately to the Admins.
9. Any reported posts or activities in this group will be justified before deleting to assure lawful and fair criticism.
10. Never forget why you joined this fandom, it's to support our queen Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande Philippines Street Group since October 4, 2014