West Bend Kewaskum and Surrounding Buy-Sell-Trade-Free-Services Marketplace

This group is for the buying, selling, trading, and free gifting of personal items. Services offered or needed, such as handyman jobs, DJ service, work wanted etc, may also be listed. In search of (ISO) items may also be listed.

This group was created due to the numerous rules and regulations of other bst groups. However, there must be some sort of rules to make sure that this group runs smoothly.

1. You must be a member of the group to list items.
2. Items listed must be your own items.
3. All items must be of the legal sense... no alcohol, XXX items etc.
4. Any other item may be listed... clothes, household items, jewelry, vehicles etc.
5. It is helpful for buyer to have an accurate description... color, size, price, new or used. If you want your item to sell, accurate descriptions are needed.
6. Buyer may list up to 5 photos per post. Whether that is 5 photos of one item or 5 different items is up to you.
7. You may bump your item once every 24 hours.
8. Be courteous and respectful of all members.

Rules may change at any time. Please check back often.

Happy Selling!