Women of victory

Father God, I come to count my blessings and thank You for this new day that You have brought me into. Father God, as we go through this day keep thine Eyes upon us and not allow the enemy to steal our joy. Father God, I come to cancel out all the plans that the enemy has against my family and friends. Father God, I am here to let the devil and all his followers know that WOV have the power that You gave us to cancel all his assignments no matter how hard he tries he will not break us. Father God, we stand on the prayer battlefield for all our family, friends and their families, our enemies as well. Father God, we cancel out distraction in our marriages, destruction in our families, destruction in our homes, trying to destroy our jobs, trying to speak negative thoughts in our minds Father God, whatever else the enemy is trying to do we Cancel it now with the Full Armor of You on us. Father God, as we stand firm in battle we ask that You keep our strength up according to Your Word. Father God, we know that Your Time of coming is soon and the enemy knows this too this is why he is battling Your saints so hard. Father God, no matter what he does, who he sends or who he uses against us we are here to let him know that we are not easily broken, our feet our planted on Solid Ground and we can not and shall not be moved. Devil bring it all and your little umps and followers can come too. We shall not be moved you will not claim no more of our family, our youth, our neighbors and no one that we come in contact with. We bond your hands tied and in our circle you shall not touch or harm nothing and no one. Father God, we thank You for standing up with us ,and in us as we go through this trying time of attack. We count it all done in Jesus Name, Amen! Good God Filled Sunday morning WOV, have a most Glorious Blessed and safe day in the Lord. I love you all my beloved sisters in Christ! Amen!