IKS Project

Our stories can provide comfort and insight to millions of peopl...e living through life's biggest challenges -- illness, end of life, loss, and more. I Know Something (the IKS Project) is a new initiative to capture those stories and create tools that comfort and guide at the toughest moments.

The IKS Project (working title) is a startup business created by Jim Rosenberg. His vision for a storytelling platform was selected as a "Top Idea" in a national challenge to reimagine the end of life experience. He and his team are now working on building that idea into a service to help people everywhere.

We believe in open innovation. We shared our early ideas, listened to as many people as possible, and learned from all their experiences. And we want to keep working that way. This Facebook Group is a space for all the builders, thinkers, and like-minded travelers who want to help us to help people facing the hardest moments in life.

Please read the IKS Project group rules to get started. There's some important stuff about how we can use your ideas! http://bit.ly/IKS_FBgroup_Terms