GMX (Gaming Masters Xtreme)......

1] Use ENGLISH as the major language.

2] Please keep on topic. ...ALWAYS post stuff related to GAMING. In case if you post off topic, tag (*) in it.

3] No promotion posts...For example - No like me/share me/add me posts.

4] You can post pirated games links/crack /torrent links here

5] DON'T attack anyone based on religion/race/heritage/color. If you do so, you'll be BLOCKED and then your smart ass will become dumb ass. We (admins) read/notice everything.

6] Abuse any bitch who posts Stuff not related to gaming...

7] Do not promote your pages/groups/websites or we'll (admins) take strong action.

8] Do not post the same thing repeatedly. Do not steal someone's post in your name or we'll BLOCK you.

9] No discussion on Clash of Clans game.. I HATE THAT SHITTY GAME