Chatterings and Writings of Lilian and Friends

Anything with letters in it as long as they would not be offensive and against Facebook standard rules.
The wish of this page is to act as a group reading where we can share insights suggestions and whatever chattering without the worry of being misunderstood by other readers who are not familiar with writers' sentiments. Members can post or just read posts :-)

I have just recently found out even secret group posts can be shared if it is a photo post/has a picture. So I have to edit the description/request. Lol
Thank you my friends :-)

Just a request my dear friends. Though we do nor censure words I would appreciate it if we give warnings of adult content right before the poem so as to give others the choice too of whether they wish to read or not. Please avoid offending pictures like gory or showing skin... I'd read any words in any genre but let's respect each other too. ;-)