Mason CO resale

1. Please show each other respect! (Remember the golden rule!)
2. Please try to make an album with your name on it whether you are posting 1 item or 12. Just will help keep things organized and will help people find your items easier if they like what you are selling!
3. Please refrain from putting a * under your album unless it has been more than 2 days since you posted it or had the last comment.
4. Please try remember how important it is to only say you will take items you intend to actually show up for and buy.
5. When your item is going to be picked up but PPU under the photo so others know that it is Pending Pick Up.
6. Please remember to delete your item as it is sold. This will help prevent page clutter.
7. Please no spamming or advertisements. Those that make hair bows, tutus, etc are welcome, and must follow all rules.
8. Any disputes with the Administrators of "Newaygo Co. Resale" will be handled in private through the Private Message System of Facebook.
9. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Let's all just have fun, maybe be friends, not start drama and MAKE SOME MONEY OFF OUR ITEMS!!