Unmarked Walmart Clearance

I created this group in hopes of helping others find clearance items at Walmart. We all know Walmart is a big store, not everything that is marked down gets a sticker letting everyone know that it is on clearance. The easiest way to know if something is clearance is to price check it, use the scanners found in the isles and scan the item. Usually unmarked clearance will be seasonal items, items that are not with the majority of seasonal things. Also at my local Walmart even things that are in the clearance section don't always have the correct updated sticker, so always price check the item, you may find it's marked down more than the sticker says!

No drama please! This group was created to have fun and share what you find, I know we're not all from the same area but you may find your Walmart has the same thing unmarked too.

Share what you find! And add anyone who you think might be interested!