2013 Freshwater H20 Mission Trip

*******************HUGE UPDATE***************
Hey guys, so Collin and I found out a few days ago that Big Creek Missions has shut down as of this week, for the rest of the summer. I know, HUGE BUMMER... Sounds like they were having some major staffing issues. So keep their ministry in your prayers and remember God can make great things happen out of tough situations. We have prayed and weighed a lot of options as your youth leaders on what to do in place of Big Creek. We found that most mission sites will have a hard time accommodating a group of our size on such short notice. After meeting with Sawyer, we have decided to go to ROCKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK IN COLORADO! This trip will be full of devotion, group building activities and prayer at one of God's most beautiful creations (Rocky Mountains). We will be leaving and returning on the same days as we originally planned (July 12-20, exact time of departure is TBD). We will be staying at a Church near the National Park that Sawyer has a connection with. The trip will not cost any more than Big Creek, so if you have payed your $50 you are all set. If you want to go and haven't signed up yet there is still time, we want you to come! Our exact itinerary is in the works and will be made available soon. If you or your parents have any questions for us please call or message us on here! We are still having the pre-trip meeting July 9th in the youth room at 6pm. Super excited to go on this adventure with y'all!

Justin 269 290 4352
Collin 269 598 0118