Bangkok Digital Nomads

A positive place to gather, discuss, ask, help, and share. Spammers and people with negative attitudes will removed without warning.

We exist to better connect entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc who work online, so we can help each other be successful. You may post questions, tips, events, etc that ARE RELEVANT to digital nomads in Chiang Mai. Even if you just want to set up a dinner event to hang out and get to know other members, go for it! Ask us silly questions like where to buy an adapter, which residences have good internet, even visa questions. This group has a wealth of knowledge to share.
Irrelevant posts, like advertisements for restaurants etc, will be deleted. And if you have a bad attitude, attack or belittle fellow members or I suspect that you are a spammer, you'll be removed from the group without warning.
If you see spam that I may have missed, feel free to mark it as spam and let me know if someone is spamming repeatedly so I can remove them. I hope you all get a lot out of it, enjoy!
p.s. we have a Chiang Mai group and a Ko Phangan group too, with the hopes of connecting digital nomads there also.
Ko Phangan: