Hi everyone this group is to post a link of what you are selling on ebay or gumtree.


5 posts per day per person only.
Treat others with respect.
If a item gas been sold please delete your post.
1 bump every 6 hrs, do not post the same ad more then once a week.
Use manners.
No arguing or swearing.
No high jacking other people's posts.
It is not the admin responsibility if items are not received. The safest way to shop on ebay is by using pay pal.
Please do not post unless you have a link to your ad.
No posting businesses unless it is already on gumtree.
If item is pending sold please comment that on your post. Thank you.

Your admin are Kerri Bennett and Sandie Adams

Feel free to post on the wall or comment in a post if you need us to pm you.