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Admin: Half Russian
"Hi" and welcome new members to our Facebook
Group :)
1- As always we ask all our members to be respectful of each other. We have a diverse group and want everyone to feel welcomed and completely safe in our community. Harassment and abusive or coercive behavior will NOT be tolerated---and anyone reported to the Organizers for this can be banned.
2- Spam on our lists is NEVER tolerated. Anyone violating this will be banned.
3- Please honor each member's privacy. Not all in our group are open or "out" as poly. "Outing" any fellow members or guests to the outside world as poly will NOT be tolerated at all.
4- Members are welcome to suggest appropriate events and activities. New meetups will be approved by organizers. We do ask that all members attend at least a few meetups before suggesting their own, however.
5- Also, as always, we remind everyone that this is NOT a dating group with the purpose of finding partners or S......but it is instead a place to build Community and Friendships with the local poly population. (Besides, you'll find the best partners always start off as friends anyways!) Any unwelcome solicitations is a serious violation of our rules.