Bharat Uday Andolan [India Arising Movement]

BHARAT UDAY ANDOLAN [India Arising Movement]
A March towards REAL independence
India needs several Governance Reforms in political, administrative, electoral, judicial and police systems to get rid of corruption, misrule, unjustness and goonda raj from India. Our agenda is specific, practical, technology driven, economical and will be acceptable to most...except scamsters and looters of 'Neta- Babu Mafia'.
The agenda can be modified and more reforms can be added after an open debate in public, media, economists, intellectuals, politicians and others.

1) Strong and Effective Lokpal and Lokayukat
Astrong and effective Judicial machinery to be established to expose corruption and misdeeds by members of parliament and assemblies and bureaucrats. However these very politicians have made them toothless and powerless. The authority, independence and transparency of these bodies MUST be reinforced by Law.

2) Elimination of money power and criminals from elections [Electoral Reform 1] -
Our rules shall be such that even a common citizen of India can stand in elections and there shall be no need of money and muscle power. On the otter hand criminals and scamster shall not be allowed to stand in any election. Funding by Govt. may be considered as a solution.Expenses shall be kept to minimum. Otherwise parties are forced to put up ONLY Super Rich and Mega Bahubali candidates. This is the main reason of political corruption. Very strict laws shall be made against electoral crimes such as bribing the public, stopping voters to cast their vote, bogus voting, etc. Election Commissioner shall be given more powers and infrastructure.

3) Compulsory Internal Democracy in political parties [Electoral Reform 2] -
Indian political parties are currently run by