Happy English Club

ASsalaM o alaikUm members...
Warm Welcome all loving, decent, h0nourable, and respected members to the English cluß!

Enjoy here, share your views, and live happily am0ng eachother..

Group Rules=> No abuse, d0n't share links which are n0t related to english language, or avoid frm posting about politics, talk decently, be mature, d0n't Quarrel and fight each other...!

Adhere to the gr0up, and stay here! And stiCk to rules as restricted!

I hope y0u will enjoy here... Stay here and get an ample opportunity for learning english!

Again, welcome heartly, c0me here and find a better envir0nment as u want..!

This group is designed
teAching and learning english Language..... !
Not be accepted in this
POsts that have nO
relationship tO learning
languages as :
PhOtos , videOs,
messages and phrases
withOut sOmething

if yOu dO not have the
intention to learn or
teach dO nOt bother
anyone who is
AdvertisemenTs Of any
kind will be deleted
unless One of the
directOrs has authorized..
***Please respect each
Other and maintain
wOnderful and cheerful
envirOnment in the
grOUp....as i have told already,
do nOt post religion and
political material and
cOmment .....
dO nOt advertise and
group links
pOSt and cOmment only
and only #english posts
and and and
add your mOre friends if
yOu are interested in our
grOup... thanks for
choosing my lovely
grOup.... thanks!!!!

I'm GratefuLL to all oF u f0r being a part of this grOup ♥

Admin paNnel'