Walbran Central

Walbran Central is an online open communications hub of the grow...ing community of support for the protection of the Central Walbran Valley ancient forests on southwestern Vancouver Island, traditional Pacheedaht territory. This 485 hectare area, left out of the Carmanah/Walbran Provincial Park in 1994 encompasses an increasingly rare world class old growth forest habitat containing 500-1200 year old trees, stunning waterfalls, emerald pools and superlative wilderness camping and hiking and is an integral part of one of the last large unfragmented never-logged temperate rainforests left on earth.

This is also a forum for the public conversation about sustainable forestry solutions to continued old-growth logging in the Walbran valley and elsewhere in B.C.

Walbran Central is a public clearinghouse of information, logistical coordination, updates, reports, links and articles, action ideas, notices and announcements, critical perspectives, inspirations, rants and conversations supporting the protection of the Central Walbran ancient forest and a shift to a just, community controlled, ecologically sustainable forest economy on Vancouver Island.

We urge all members to exercise self-discipline in using language that is respectful and constructive and does justice to the great forests we are all trying to responsibly steward. Though everyone's healing process from the multiple traumas suffered from a capitalist and colonial culture that is inherently classist, sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic is an important part of the work of transforming society, we ask members to please refrain from using this public platform as a vehicle for dealing with issues that are not directly related to ecological and forest policy initiatives. Thank you.

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