Calcutta Culture

A group to represent the cultural collective of Calcutta embracing creation and expression in the forms of music, film ,art, poetry and design.

If you're reading this post, thanks for joining our group! This is a note about what this group is and some preliminary posting guidelines going forward.

This is a group supporting ARTs. We hope this leads to a broader discussion and action about what our privacy rights should be as Calcuttans. In that regard, we want to keep the focus in our group where it should be - Please keep your posts on topic and only post things that are relevant to MUSIC , FILM , ART , POETRY & DESIGN and any group actions we may want to take in support of the same. We reserve the right to remove posts that are off-topic. This includes posts about politicians , other government policies, spam, your cute cat pictures...anything that doesn't have some sort of relevance to the purpose of this group. There are lots of other great places to discuss those topics, but this group shouldn't be one of them. If you feel you really must post something on another topic, please disclaimer it as such, but excessive off topic posts won't be permitted. And under no circumstances will calls for violence be tolerated.

Posts that are critical of anyone non political will be tolerated, as long as the board isn't spammed with such posts. Discussions should stay civil at all times. Under no circumstances should members post personal information about anyone on this page without their consent. Your admins are myself & everyone in the CC group, so feel free to find any one of us , if you have any issues.