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Hi and welcome to the group. Please read all group rules and regulations before you start to post on the group page.

Please be respectful to admin at all times and understand all admins Volunteer their precious time to run the group page. Admin decisions are final and will always be made as an admin group decision.

All admin correspondence should be made through the foster carers admin page. You can reach this page by clicking on the red foster carer's logo heading this post. As soon as a member of admin is able they will respond to your question.

Admin reserve the right to request and check Members ID at any time, on request failure to do so with result in temporary suspension or a permanent ban.

Fostering support and chat Uk are in no way responsible for anything members choose to post!
Please be aware and mindful about your own and your LAC's confidentiality!
Please remember this is Facebook group page!
The group is closed so only other members can see your posts. All members have been checked and given proof they are foster carer's but be mindful and protect yourselves by not posting anything confidential. If you are unsure you should be posting something don't post it!!

All members should be respectful to other members feelings at all times, anything deemed as overly argumentative may lead to a temporary suspension or permanent ban and will be decided by the admin team.

If any member has issue with any post on the group page please contact admin immediately please refrain from any confrontation or argumentative behaviour.

All posts are private and confidential!! The group should be a safe place to post with confidence. Anybody seen to be repeating anything said on the page copying anything of breaking group confidentiality will be deemed as breaching group rules and will result In your membership being terminated and you will be banned from the group permanently!!

Admin may remove posts at any time if they are deemed unsuitable, argumentative or misleading. Strictly no advertising is allowed on group page. Please do not blog up the page with things unrelated to fostering so any posts or links unrelated to fostering may be removed from the page. Strictly no charity or sponsor posts allowed on the page they will be removed!

Please keep the group a happy place, this group is for advice and general fostering chat.... This is not the place to pull social workers or other professionals to pieces. Let's keep it a positive place to come to for help and advice!