GTA Home-Business Advertising

So I'm sure you are all sick of not being able to post your home...-based links in your favourite buy/sell groups. Well now you can here. This group is open to anyone who has a home based business. Whether it be selling beauty products, home-made products, etc. As long as it is legal and NOT offensive than you're more than welcome to post it here. Please keep the DRAMA out of here or you will be deleted. We're all grown ups and if you cannot keep your 2 cents to yourself than maybe you should move on. If there are any issues between you and someone in the group, please send me a private message and an admin will handle it accordingly.

ONLY RULE: If you are posting from a company of a similar nature and you see a post from that company. Please allow a 4 hour window before posting yours. This is only fair as you are bumping their ad down to improve chances of yours being seen. If we see back to back ads of the same nature we will remove the current post (without warning). Let's keep it fair!

Thank you and happy posting & supporting your locals!