Ketogenic Cooking Made Simple

All New Members....Please read before Posting::

For those of us who must eat the Ketogenic way...let's share only the easiest recipes. We are all busy people, no time to cook. I don't want to spend more than 30 minutes preparing a meal, but I don't want to just eat a plain piece of meat and a salad all the time either. Feel free to share ideas for interesting, different, tasty, easy meals that will help us continue to eat healthy and live longer.

This group is for ketogenic dieters. If you don't know what keto is, don't post anything until you find out. I only want recipes, not ads, surveys, questionnaires, links to blogs, etc.

The recipes need to be EASY and QUICK with NO SUGAR and practically NO CARBOHYDRATES. Please do not post discussions. There are other Ketogenic Dieters groups. That is where you can talk about the diet, and share ideas. I just want recipes. If you post an ad for shoes or sunglasses - or any recipe that has any sugar, starch or most fruits in it, I will delete the post and probably delete you.

Dieting for most people is a serious and sensitive issue. Those of us "on the wagon" and struggling each day with our will-power do not need to see a recipe or picture of something that is very tempting that we cannot eat. Please be considerate of that.