Kyalami Neighbourhood

This is the central hub for everything that is happening in the ...Greater Kyalami area. We would like to encourage members to post about anything that would be of interest to the community in the area. Please keep content specific and relative to the Kyalami area

We are happy to allow local businesses to advertise themselves in the group but in order to keep the group uncluttered and relevant we request that you please only post a maximum of ONE advertisement per month. Any additional adverts will be deleted and the members will be blocked to prevent spamming. Only adverts that are relevant to the Greater Kyalami community will be allowed.

Please respect other group members and try to maintain a civil, professional demeanor. Any members intentionally being disrespectful and creating disharmony within the group will be deleted permanently.

The page promotes the Adopt Don't Shop policy very strongly. As such, our policy going forward is that any person attempting to use this portal to sell animals will have their post deleted.
Should you be a bona fide rescue organization that we may not know please send us a private note to double check so we can ensure our policy is upheld.

This page is apolitical. No personal views on politics, race, vulgar or derogatory views will be allowed. Members making such comments will be banned from the group.

DISCLAIMER: This group and/or it’s administrators cannot be held liable and/or responsible for person(s) who post personal information and/or allegations about other person(s) and organizations, of a libellous or false nature. Check your facts before posting. Individuals remain 100% and solely accountable for what they post.

Thanks for your co-operation!