Texas Assn. of Gunning Feral Invasive Razorbacks to Extinction (TAGFIRE)

Welcome to T.A.G.F.I.R.E
(Texas Association of Gunning Feral Invasive Razorbacks to Extinction).

The purpose of this group is to organize those interested in hunting and killing as many Hogs, Pigs, Ferals, Boars, Razorbacks (or whatever you call them) as possible in Texas.

This group can serve to:
~Talk about/recruit people to organize or be apart of an upcoming hunt.
~Gather information and become more educated about the threat we are facing
~Advise the best tactics and ways to go about hunting hogs.
~Personal stories, pictures, videos, experiences good or bad hunting hogs
~Options of what to do with hogs after bagging one... or 30!

This operation is small beans right now. But I hope to expand it and make it bigger. Most of you on here are my friends that I know enjoy hunting, love firearms, or have experience hunting hogs. As I am relatively new to hunting hogs I dont claim to know everything or even alot when it comes to hog hunting. When I found out how dangerous, numerous, and destructive hogs were I made it my mission to learn more and facilitate their destruction whenever and however possible.

If you agree and wish to avidly be apart of Hog/Razorback Extermination then this group is for you.