Female Flexible Dieters

This an educational lifestyle group for female flexible dieters. This is an area where nutritional science is to be the main component and focus... this isn't therapy.

We welcome you to post: articles, ideas, questions, success stories, motivational posts, but please leave your bullshit at home. Do not complain about your family, your relationship, or any personal issues.

Again, this is a learning place. Not a venting place. Don't come here with "poor me syndrome". Come here with open ears and an open mind. You will get the most out of this group you if you attempt to learn rather than attempt to seek sympathy.

Please refrain from giving advice to others if you do not have the credentials to do so. We welcome you to offer words of encouragement and kindness to everyone, however we have a lot of professionals present in this group who are here to act as the teachers.

You are obviously welcome to your opinion and you may of course share your personal experiences, however please refrain from offering guidance as we have the appropriate people designated to do so.

Post about your training, tell the group when you hit PRs, tell us when you lose an inch! Share you success and your happiness with the women here as it is an excellent source of motivation and inspiration.

Post recipes and post food porn. We are all here for one common reason: WE LOVE ALL THE FOOD. Show us what you ate. Show us how you made it. Long live the foodies.

Please do your research before being lazy with your questions. There are many amazing resources to learn about macronutrients. We suggest you make a solid attempt to understand by reading before you bombard the group with questions.

If you are a newcomer to macros, you can contact any of the admins for help, but there are multiple sources available to choose from as far as your research goes. No single source is the correct source. You're going to have to do your research if you want this lifestyle to work for you.

LAST AND DEF NOT LEAST: absolutely NO "what do I eat with my leftover macros" posts. Be a big girl.