Monroe County Facebook Online Rummage & furniture sale

This is an alternative to other facebook rummage sale sites. We ask that you follow our EASY rules.
1- 15 new posts or bumps daily.
2- no selling illegal items, medications, baby formula, knock off bags.
3- if your interested write interested, you can always pass later. Feel free to ask questions, but if you honestly can't afford it, or can't meet until next week be honest, don't just ignore messages & waste the members time.
4- meet in public if possible
5- if your going to express interest on a large item ensure that you have the means to pick up that item. It is unfair to others to have to wait & see if you can get a truck or van.
6- invite your friends to join our group.
7-your responsible for any taxes for your own sales
8-this group is not responsible for the taxes, condition of items purchased or for anyones behavior other than our own,.
9-you must be 18 to join
10- be fair to others & show up, give phone #, car info & confirm meets. Failure to meet is grounds for being tossed out.
11- we are all adults, be honest. If you have animals list your item as such, if you smoke list it. some people need to know these things for health reasons, you don't want to risk the health of others so you can make a buck,
12- we are all here for the same thing, please go in the order of interest. however if someone expresses interest and then doesn't respond to messages, or responses on the ad itself within 12 hours, move on to the next.
13-delete your item when sold.
14-be fair in your pricing, if its used say so & try to price accordingly; all too many sites have people selling used clothing for ridiculous prices & it sits there for months & they bump them constantly. So although we are not controlling your prices or items, we ask that you are realistic.