Baby Stuff For Sale in Coweta, OK

Hey guys! This is of course, a group where baby items are for sale or free. As for every group, there are rules here too and they are very simple to follow. If someone is not following the rules, they will be banned from the group. The rules are:

1.) Do not post something more than once within a 20 day period. After 20 days, you can repost your item.
2.) Once your item has been sold, delete the post.
3.) First come, is first served.
4.) Absolutely NO bullying or pressuring anyone at anytime here. If I find out, you will be banned.
5.) Do NOT say you want an item without having every intention of getting it.
6.) This is a group for COWETA. If you do not live in Coweta, you need to be sure that you can meet here to buy or sell items.

These rules are very simple to follow. If you can think of other rules that need to be added, please inform me and I will look over them. Also, if anyone has an issue with someone not following the rules, please make sure that I know about it. Have fun with it!