Anyskate skateboarding


Anyskate is a group is for sharing skateboarding ideas, videos & photos, whether innovative, technical, raw, gnarly, creative, funny, weird, or unique. Look around and you'll get a good idea of what we're about. Please don't post everyday Standard tricks. We like things that spark the imagination, entertain, and inspire.

Have a watch of The Anyskate Project videos, here's the third:

We have a few rules below to keep the group from over flowing with unrelated posts and rubbish.

-No general skateboarding text posts ("Skateboarding is rad!" "Broke my board today!" "Got some tight new shoes" etc) These types of posts are better off on your wall. Requesting trick tips or sharing creative ideas etc, are always welcome.
-No pictures of your setup or gear, unless its an innovative or fun idea/design.
-No blatant advertising of you or your friends brands or skateshop.
-No linking to content repost portals like HellaClips or SkateboardingHQ...Link to the source youtube clip! Why give ad money to people who didn't even do the skating/filming/editing?